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GV STRATUS Rundown Operation considerations

  • For GV STRATUS Rundown to work in Windows 7, you need to disable the User Account Control in your machine. Refer to Disabling User Account Control for GV STRATUS Rundown on Windows 7 clients for more information in these release notes.
  • For GV STRATUS Control Panel to successfully configure SDB and XMOS servers, the GV STRATUS Control Panel application must be installed on SDB / XMOS machines.
  • The graphics workflow with Orad's Maestro On Air Graphics System and Aurora Edit is only supported in GV STRATUS Rundown (formerly known as Aurora Playout) version 7.1.1 and below.
  • Windows 2000 that was supported in previous versions of GV STRATUS Rundown software is no longer supported.

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