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GV STRATUS Rundown Known Problems

The following limitations are present in this release of software. If you wish to obtain more information about these limitations, please mention the reference numbers.


CR42885 Description: If GV STRATUS Rundown doesn't play all the way through your playlist when using the Archive Play feature, there may be a problem with the black clip that is used as filler between clips.
Workaround: Make sure that you have a clip called “BLACK” (all uppercase) in the same bin on the Media Server where you send stories for playout (normally the “default” bin). One way to create this clip is to insert 10 seconds of filler into an otherwise empty EDIUS sequence and send it to the playout bin.
CR68152 Description: A K2 version 3.2 playout system supports a maximum of only eight channeless AMP connections at one time (this is separate from the channeled connections that are used for playback).
Workaround: Make sure only eight channeless AMP connections are activated at a time.
CR68611 Description: Problems with updating the Ready status of clips.
Workaround: More than one GV STRATUS Rundown system should not be configured to connect to the same channel on a K2 as this can cause problems with updating the Ready status of clips.
PR20458 Description: When installing GV STRATUS Rundown on Windows 7 clients, a pending SiteConfig dialog can be missed.
Workaround: When a dialog is pending, a blinking icon displays on the Windows 7 task bar. Clicking on this indicator brings up the dialog that takes you to the isolated session. If you are logged in via remote desktop, the interactive services detection service sends a notification about the pending dialog. If the notification has been missed, go into Windows Services and stop and restart the Interactive Services Detection Service. This causes the service to send an immediate notification about the pending dialog.
ncb00077242 Description: Placeholder status in ALP updates slowly or does not update at all.
  1. Do not put the shortcut into “all users” startup with the installer.
  2. Do not put the database in the Programs directory.
  3. Do not allow multiple instances of XMOS and SDB servers to launch.

Newsroom Computer System (NCS)

CR34585 Description: When working with iNEWS rundowns, the Rundown Bar window in GV STRATUS Rundown will always display "NOT READY" in the Status column.
Workaround: This column is designed to work with the "MOS Ready to air" property that is available with ENPS rundowns. Since this feature is not applicable with iNEWS rundowns, you may wish to resize the Status column to its minimum size when connected to an iNEWS system.
CR35882 Description: The connection between iNEWS rundowns is lost and then re-established (such as by rebooting the iNEWS server).
Workaround: Re-monitor your rundowns through iNEWS before they will be available in GV STRATUS Rundown's dropdown list.
CR35932 Description: When connected to a Newsroom Computer System, channel assignment or status changes that were made through the GV STRATUS Rundown interface will be reset if the item's rundown position is changed on the NCS.
Workaround: This is by design. If you wish to keep manual channel assignments when reordering items, you can assign channels through the NCS, rather than through GV STRATUS Rundown.
CR44269 Description: In ENPS client, the Actual column couldn’t be updated with the Editorial Duration set for the GV STRATUS Rundown placeholder.
Workaround: In the ENPS client, the script window for a story must be closed before the Actual column will be updated with the Editorial Duration set for the GV STRATUS Rundown placeholder.
CR44677 Description: When media is sent to a placeholder that is embedded in an iNEWS story, the Clip Duration column in the iNEWS client will not update. This problem is no longer applicable to iNEWS version 4.0 and above, with GV STRATUS Rundown version 8.2 and above.
Workaround: The duration will update if the media is first sent to the placeholder and then added to the iNEWS story.
CR49674 Description: Differences in MOS status reporting could lead to Octopus not operating correctly with GV STRATUS Rundown.
Workaround: Octopus users need to make these following changes to the Statuses tab within Admin | MOS | Devices of the Octopus application:
  1. Change CUED status to STAND BY.
  2. Change PLAYED status to END.
CR63446 Description: Trimming a clip in a GV STRATUS Rundown channel will not affect the duration that displays on a Newsroom Computer System.
Workaround: None.
CR69097 Description: Status translation table in mosconfig.xml on the iNEWS MOS Gateway system did not operate correctly with GV STRATUS Rundown.

iNEWS users may need to make the following changes to the status translation table in mosconfig.xml on the iNEWS MOS Gateway system in order to make statuses operate correctly with GV STRATUS Rundown:

  1. Change <statusCued>CUED</statusCued> to <statusCued>STAND BY</statusCued>.
  2. Change <statusStopped>PLAYED</statusStopped> to <statusStopped>END</statusStopped>.

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