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Setting up AMP control for GV STRATUS Rundown on a K2 Client

K2 Media Client and K2 Summit Production Client are controlled via AMP Protocol over Ethernet.

To set up AMP control of a K2 Client:

  1. On AppCenter of the client, click the Options button for the desired panel.
  2. Set the Control setting to either Remote Only or Remote and Local and the Protocol setting to AMP. Repeat this step for each panel that will be controlled remotely.
  3. In the SDB Server application, go to Tools | Options | Media, click the Add button to add the media server and add the name of the client.
  4. In the GV STRATUS Rundown application, go to Tools | Options | Channel Configuration and select channel from the dropdown list. To configure the channel, add the channel name, media server and channel server name.
    Note: Each K2/Summit channel should be connected to either Aurora Ingest or GV STRATUS Rundown only. Connecting to both applications at the same time will cause channel conflicts.

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