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About installing SiteConfig

SiteConfig uses a protocol that involves sending Ethernet broadcast messages to discover and configure devices. To enable this protocol to work correctly, there must be unrestricted network access between the PC that hosts SiteConfig and the devices to be discovered.

This is achieved if control network interfaces are all connected to the same switch or to multiple switches interconnected with ISLs/trunks. If your site requires that other switches and/or routers be in the network path, you must make sure that no restrictions are in place that block SiteConfig protocols.

Also, do not install SiteConfig on a PC on which a drive from a managed device is mapped as an administrative share (C$). For example, if you have a PC set up to run anti-virus software and for this purpose you have network drives set up on the PC mapped to C$ shares on devices, then do not use that PC to host SiteConfig and manage those devices.

For a given system, there should be just one instance of SiteConfig managing the system.

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