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About credentials in SiteConfig

SiteConfig requires administrative privileges on devices in order to perform most of the network configuration and deployment tasks. For known devices types, SiteConfig has a default administrator account and password. These default credentials depend on the SiteConfig version, so check your SiteConfig Release Notes for any changes. When you add a device based on a known device type, SiteConfig references the default administrator account and password. Then, when you use remote desktop or perform software deployment to the device, SiteConfig automatically uses these credentials. These credentials are called "global" credentials for the device since the same credentials are used on all devices of that type in the system.

You can choose to override the default credentials for a given device type. For example, if you have specified a different administrator account or a different password on the devices when commissioning the system, then you want SiteConfig to use these modified credentials.

It is possible to also override the default credentials for a single device.

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