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About hosts files and SiteConfig

SiteConfig uses the network information in the system description to define a hosts file and allows you to view the hosts file. SiteConfig can manage this hosts file on Windows operating system devices that are in the system description and that are part of a SiteConfig managed network.

When you have successfully assigned devices and applied planned network settings to interfaces, it is an indication that host table information, as currently captured in the system description, is valid and that you are ready to have SiteConfig assemble the host table information into a hosts file. Your options for placing this host table information on devices are as follows:

  • If you do not want SiteConfig to manage your host table information, you can manage it yourself. This is typically the case if your facility has an existing hosts file that contains host table information for devices that are not in the SiteConfig system description. In this case, you can have SiteConfig generate a single hosts file that contains the host table information for the devices in the system description. You can then copy the desired host table information out of the SiteConfig hosts file and copy it into your facility hosts file. You must then distribute your facility hosts file to devices using your own mechanisms.
  • If you want SiteConfig to manage all information in hosts files on devices, you can have SiteConfig copy its hosts file to devices. In so doing, SiteConfig overwrites the existing hosts files on devices. Therefore, this requires that all devices that have name resolution through the hosts file be configured accordingly in the SiteConfig system description.

If you choose to have SiteConfig write hosts files to devices, the process consumes system resource and network bandwidth. Therefore you should wait until you have verified the information for all devices/interfaces in the host file, rather than updating hosts files incrementally as you discover/assign devices.

SiteConfig does not automatically deploy hosts files to managed devices as you add or remove devices. If you add or remove devices from the system description, you must re-deploy the modified hosts file to all devices.

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