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Assigning discovered devices

  • Devices must be discovered by SiteConfig
  • Discovered devices must not yet be assigned to a device in the system description
  • The system description must have placeholder devices to which to assign the discovered devices.
  1. If the Discovered Devices Dialog box is not already open, click the discover devices button . The Discover Devices dialog box opens.
  2. Identify discovered devices.
    • If a single device is discovered in multiple rows, it means the device has multiple network interfaces. Choose the interface that represents the device's currently connected control connection. This is typically Ethernet ... 0.
    • If necessary, select a device in the list and click ID Device. This triggers an action on the device, such as flashing an LED or ejecting a CD drive, to identify the device.
  3. To also view previously discovered devices that have already been assigned to a device in the system description, select Show … currently assigned devices. The currently assigned devices are added to the list. Viewing both assigned and unassigned devices in this way can be helpful to verify the match between discovered devices and placeholder devices.
  4. In the row for each discovered device, view items on the Device Id drop-down list to determine the match with placeholder devices, as follows:
    • If SiteConfig finds a match between the device-type discovered and the device-type of one or more placeholder devices, it displays those placeholder devices in the list.
    • If SiteConfig does not find a match between the device-type discovered and the device-type of a placeholder device, no placeholder device is displayed in the list.
  5. In the row for a discovered device, click the Device Id drop-down list and select the placeholder device that corresponds to the discovered device. If there is no corresponding placeholder device currently in the system description, you can select Add to create a new placeholder device and then assign the discovered device to it.
  6. When discovered devices have been assigned, click OK to save settings and close.
  7. In the Network Configuration | Devices tree view, select each of the devices to which you assigned a discovered device.

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