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Discovering devices with SiteConfig

  • The Ethernet switch or switches that support the control network must be configured and operational. If multiple switches, ISLs are connected and trunks configured.
  • The PC that hosts SiteConfig must be communicating on the control network.
  • There must be no routers between the PC that hosts SiteConfig and the devices to be discovered.
  • Devices to be discovered must be Windows operating system devices, with SiteConfig support installed.
  • Devices must be cabled for control network connections.
  1. Open SiteConfig.
  2. In the toolbar, click the discover devices button.

    The Discover Devices dialog box opens.

    A list of discovered devices is displayed.

  3. Click Rescan to re-run the discovery mechanism. You can do this if a device that you want to discover has its network connection restored or otherwise becomes available. Additional devices discovered are added to the list.

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