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Install Grass Valley Prerequisite Files on the SiteConfig PC

GV STRATUS VTR Ingest, GV STRATUS VTR Controller, and GV STRATUS Rundown share Microsoft .NET as common prerequisite software. This common software is installed with Prerequisite Files 2.0.exe, which is part of a separate installation package. You install this prerequisite software package on the control point PC so that when SiteConfig deploys any software that needs the prerequisite software, it uses the software installation files from the common package. This reduces the size of .cab files overall and makes software download more manageable.

  1. Check release notes for the required version of prerequisite files, if any.
  2. On the SiteConfig PC, open Windows Add/Remove programs and look for Grass Valley Prerequisite Files, then proceed as follows:
    • If the required version of prerequisite files is installed, do not proceed with this task.
    • If prerequisite files are not installed or are not at the required version, proceed with this task.
  3. Procure the required prerequisite software installation file as listed in the following:
    Product Prerequisite file Location
    GV STRATUS Rundown, GV STRATUS VTR Ingest, GV STRATUS VTR Controller GrassValley_PrerequisiteFiles_2.0.0.zip (Microsoft .NET installer) Grass Valley website SiteConfig Application software download page.
  4. On the SiteConfig PC, run the installation file. The installation program copies prerequisite files to C:\Program Files\Grass Valley\Prerequisite Files.
After installing prerequisite files on the SiteConfig PC, use SiteConfig and deploy software to client PCs.

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