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Creating placeholders in Assignment List Manager

In addition to the assignments you receive from your producer, you can create additional placeholders for clips you want to include in a broadcast.

  1. Click the New Clip button.

    The New Clip Entry window appears.
  2. Enter a clip name. The placeholder name identifies the placeholder in your Assignment List Manager, the Assignment List Plug-in on the ENPS system, and the GV STRATUS Rundown playlist.
  3. Optionally, enter additional information about the placeholder:
    • Story Type— If desired, specify whether this is a SOT (story on tape), VO (voice over), etc.
    • Description — Enter a description for the placeholder to help identify the clip you need to create.
    • Category — Select a category from the drop-down menu. The category determines who receives the placeholder as an assignment. Selecting ALL makes the placeholder accessible to all editors who select ALL in their Assignment List Manager.
    • Editorial Duration — If desired, enter an estimated duration for the story or select one from the drop-down list. The editor can also enter an editorial duration that is less than the clip length, which is sent back to the NCS for show timing.
      Note: Editorial Duration has the priority over media duration. Once an Editorial Duration is set; it will not be adjusted to clip duration, even after media is associated with the placeholder. The editor needs to set the final Editorial Duration before the clip is sent for playback.
    • Protected — Check this box to prevent the clip from being deleted from the database.
    • Being Edited — Check this box to show that the clip for a placeholder is being edited. This field allows editors to easily see that a clip is already being worked on in another edit room.
      Note: This field allows users to easily determine that a clip is already being worked on. When checked, these areas designate that the clip is Being Edited: the clip in the GV STRATUS Rundown playlist and in the Assignment List Manager changes color, and the text for the clip in the standalone Assignment List Manager changes color.
  4. Click OK.

The Clip ID and Date are automatically set when you create the placeholder.

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