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Using the Assignment List Manager

The Assignment List Manager is for editors to receive assignments from the producer, to create additional placeholders for clips, and to reassign placeholders to other editors.

The standalone Assignment List Manager runs on any computer in the network.

In the standalone Assignment List Manager, maximize the window:

The list of assignments shows each clip/placeholder and its properties:

Column Description
S The clip status: displays OK if a clip has been completed, sent to the media server, and is ready for playback. Status is blank if a clip is incomplete and not ready for playback.
Clip Name The name of the clip/placeholder.
Duration The duration of the clip when the placeholder was created. This estimated value will be changed later when media is associated with the placeholder. A duration displayed in italics in the Assignment List indicates that the Editorial Duration property has been set to be different than the actual duration of the clip.
Status MOS status: matches the NCS status. Includes READY/NOT READY, PLAYED, etc.
Category The category assigned to the clip; you can assign categories based on the editor to receive the assignment, for instance.
Type The type of story or sequence an editor needs to create: Voice Over (VO), Sound on Tape (SOT), or other types set in SDB Server Options.
Description Brief description of the clip an editor needs to create.
Clip ID The clip ID, which is automatically defined when the placeholder is created.
Date The date the placeholder was created.
P (Protected) Protected status; displays P if the clip is protected, which prevents it from being erased or deleted from the database. Column is blank if the clip is unprotected.

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