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Adding and removing transitions

  1. Click the the Show/Hide Transition Panel button. The transition settings open.

  2. Configure transition settings as follows:
    1. Set the Duration of the transition.
    2. Select the Type of the transition.
    3. Click Apply.
    These settings define transitions subsequently applied with the the Add Transition button.
  3. Select the event or events to which you are adding a transition.
  4. Click the the Add Transition button. The transition is applied between each selected event and the next event. Transitions are indicated by icons in Thumbnails view and by text in Details and Tiles view.
  5. To modify, do the following:
    1. Select an event or events, then right-click and select Modify Transition. The transition settings open, if they are not already open.
    2. Change settings and then click Apply.
    The changed setting is applied to the selected events.
  6. To remove a transition, right-click an event and select Delete Transition.

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