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About SiteConfig

SiteConfig is Grass Valley's tool for network configuration and software deployment. SiteConfig is a ProductFrame application. ProductFrame is an integrated platform of tools and product distribution processes for system installation and configuration.

You can use SiteConfig as a stand-alone tool for planning and system design, even before you have any devices installed or cabled. You can define networks, IP addresses, hostnames, interfaces, and other network parameters. You can add devices, group devices, and modify device roles in the system.

As you install and commission systems, SiteConfig runs on a designated PC. It discovers devices, configures their network settings, and manages host files. SiteConfig also manages software installations and upgrades and provides a unified software package with compatible versions for deployment across multi-product systems.

You should use SiteConfig for network configuration and software deployment at installation and throughout the life of the system in your facility. This enforces consistent policy and allows SiteConfig to keep a record of changes, which makes the system easier to maintain and aids in troubleshooting should a problem arise.

SiteConfig displays information from a system description file, which is an XML file.

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