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The K2 System Configuration application (K2Config) is the primary tool for configuring systems in the category of a K2 SAN, which include online or production K2 SANs, K2 Nearline systems, and GV STRATUS Proxy Storage systems. Once the devices of the storage system are cabled and are communicating on the control network, you can do all the configuration required to create a working K2 SAN using the K2Config application. When you use SiteConfig for network configuration, you can import the SiteConfig system description file into the K2Config application to get you started with your SAN configuration.

After your K2 SAN is initially installed and configured, if you need to reconfigure the system you should do so using SiteConfig and the K2Config application. This enforces consistent policy and sequencing for configuration tasks, which makes the system easier to maintain and aids in troubleshooting should a problem arise.

The K2Config application runs on a control point PC and accesses the devices of the K2 SAN via the control network. You can configure the devices of the K2 SAN as follows:

  • SAN-attached K2/Summit systems and K2 Media Server — These devices are configured directly by the K2Config application.
  • K2 RAID storage devices — The K2Config application launches a remote instance of Storage Utility, which configures RAID storage devices. Storage Utility components run on the K2 Media Server and the configuration actually takes place via the Fibre Channel connection between the K2 Media Server and the RAID storage device.
  • Ethernet switches — The K2Config application can launch a switch’s web-based configuration application.

You can expand and select nodes in the tree view to view K2 SANs, individual devices, and configuration settings. The configuration file is saved on the V: drive, along with the media files in the shared storage system. The configuration file is updated and saved whenever you change a configuration using the K2Config application. That is why you must always use the K2Config application to change settings on the storage system, so the most recently changed configurations will always be stored in the configuration file and displayed.

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