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SiteConfig main window

The SiteConfig main window is as follows:

The left side of the screen shows the tree view of the currently loaded system description. The Network Configuration and Software Deployment buttons at the bottom of the tree view activate either the network configuration workspace or the software deployment workspace.

The network configuration workspace on the left has two tabs: a Devices tab to display the tree of devices in the system and a Networks tab to show the hierarchy of networks defined in the system.

The software deployment workspace also has two tabs: a Devices tab that displays the same tree view of devices but provides information about the software roles assigned to the devices and the software currently installed on devices. The Deployment Groups tab provides the interface to manage software deployment tasks.

Select an item in the tree and the view on the right side of the screen shows details about the item selected. Select a site or group to show information about all the items that fall under the selected item.

Right-click an item to access a context menu of operations.

Icon overlays on items and tooltips provide status and warning feedback.

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