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Version 10.0

  • K2 Summit 3G+ Production Client — The K2 Summit 3G+ Production Client offers higher bandwidth, and an updated OS and software base to enable customers to achieve live workflows with SSM and UHD sources. This latest server provides customers with new upgrades of carrier board, CPU module, midplane, and power supply from the K2 Summit 3G.
  • 10Gbps Design in Motherboard — It allows the K2 Server to fully utilize the 10Gbps in the built-in system without card insertion and provides a tremendous speed upgrade from the K2 Summit 3G.
  • Server Scalability — The K2 Summit 3G+ allows three servers to be stacked together, offering triple the amount of input and outputs available.
  • TripleCam Support — 3 Input MultiCam on a single K2 channel is now supported with Avid DNxHD 145. It requires the Triple license and SSD storage. One Triple license enables a single channel. Multiple licenses are required for multiple K2 channel support.
  • Integration with K2 Dyno S3 Replay Controller — Supports the latest K2 Dyno S3 Replay Controller to expand the capabilities of the K2 Summit/Dyno product combination.
  • Windows 10 Operating System — Supports Windows 10 Operating System for the K2 Summit 3G+ Production Client.
  • SNFS file system — Upgrade to SNFS version 6.0 is required in this release.

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