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Configuring the K2 Central System

You need to run the K2 Central configuration Storage Initializer software after you install your hard drives shipped with the K2 Central server to initialize and use the storage.

IMPORTANT: You must have server administrative privileges to enter the information in the logon screen.

IMPORTANT: You must shut down any Summit clients if they are connected to the K2 Central transmission machine.

On a new K2 Central server, the initializer creates a new file system.

On an existing system, the initializer will disable server access, replaces the existing media file system with a new system. All of your media will be removed and will be irrecoverable.

There are 3 steps to initializing the storage:
  1. Start the application by clicking the Storage Initializer icon on the desktop.
  2. Login with administrative privileges.
  3. Click the Initialize Storage button.
The storage initializer application automatically:
  • Makes logical RAID1 drives – so on a physical system with 24 drives, you get 12 RAID1 logical drives.
  • Configures SNFS to use 11 of these logical drives and makes that the V: drive.
  • Configures NTFS on the one remaining logical drive and makes this the P: drive.
  • Exposes the V: drive as the network share called V.
  • Exposes the P: drive as the network share called proxy.

After this tools has run, most of the time, there is no need to reboot the system. But, if the tool prompts you to restart the system, you will be required to reboot the system.

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