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K2 10G shared storage

K2 10G shared storage systems include dual ported, 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel RAID controllers, high-performance SAS drives, RAID-5 (in some configurations) or RAID-6 protection, dual power supplies and hot-swappable components — wrapped into a 2 RU package. Any of these configurations can be expanded for more storage, more bandwidth or both.

The RAID-6 protection of the K2 10G shared storage systems provides a high level of redundancy by protecting against a two-drive failure in a group of 6 or 12 drives. When replacing any failed drive, a rebuild process will immediately start in the background without loss of system performance.

Production SAN Storage

The production version of the K2 10G SAN with high-capacity 7.2k RPM SAS drives provides a high-capacity ingest and editing SAN system.

Nearline Storage

A K2 nearline system is an ideal, cost-effective central storage buffer for a media facility. It can be deployed as an archive system, as temporary storage, as post-production storage or other applications.

K2 nearline systems scale from 36 to 432 TB. Larger custom systems can be built as required. The system supports simple FTP connections as well as CIFS connections for NLEs. The systems store data in industry-standard wrappers: MXF OP1a, GXF (SMPTE 360M) or QuickTime.

Direct Attached Storage

K2 direct attached clients can support internal drives for a compact package. If more capacity is needed, an external 8 Gb Fibre Channel RAID system can be substituted for internal drives; this system supports up to 48 900 GB drives with RAID-5 or RAID-6 protection with a redundant RAID controller for added protection.

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