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K2 Solo 3G system

K2 Solo 3G is a broadcast-capable, 2-channel, portable, cost-effective, standalone server with up to 25 hours of HD storage. It’s optimized for both production and broadcast workflows.

The 2-channel K2 Solo 3G is packaged in a compact half rack width, 2 RU package. It is software-compatible with K2 Summit applications including support for the K2 Dyno Replay System.

K2 Solo 3G is optimized for production and live event workflows. Teamed with the K2 Dyno Replay Controller and the Grass Valley STRATUS Video Production and Content Management Toolset, it offers an ideal solution for live events such as sports and concerts, studio production, news and any application that requires quick access to recorded media.

There are two models:
  • Record/playback DVCPRO 25/50, DVCPRO HD, MPEG-2 including IMX and XDCAM HD. Includes AppCenter Pro, carrying handle and feet for portable use.
  • Record/playback DVCPRO 25/50, DVCPRO HD, MPEG-2 including IMX and XDCAM HD, and AVC-Intra 50/100. (AVC-Intra support can be added with an additional software license.) Includes AppCenter Elite with ChannelFlex, carrying handle and feet for portable use.

For fast boot times and high reliability, K2 Solo 3G features CompactFlash running an embedded operating system. This also protects it from virus attacks as a simple reboot will clear any problems. K2 Solo 3G is capable of simultaneously encoding low-resolution proxy files along with the high-resolution recording to extend workflows to your desktop.


With AppCenter Elite, K2 Solo 3G’s two channels can double in capability. For example, with ChannelFlex some of the new configurations are:
  • 2 camera inputs and 1 play channel
  • 1 Super SloMo camera input and 1 play channel
  • 4 camera inputs
  • 1 3D camera feed and 1 play channel
  • Video+key record or playout on each channel

With ChannelFlex, each channel can record 2 camera feeds or 1 super slo-mo camera. Two SDI output BNCs provide an on-air output and a configurable monitor output or support for 2 streams from a 3D or video+key file. For control, there are 8 AES audio channels on DB25 connector, LTC I/O and RS-422 (RJ-45).

Production Features

K2 Solo 3G’s portability and ruggedness make it ideal for live events. It can be used with K2 Dyno for powerful playback capability including instant replay.
  • Instant replay within ½ second
  • Built-in multiviewer mode
  • Built-in mix effects on each channel
  • Support for DV, MPEG-2 and AVC-Intra acquisition formats and playback.

K2 Solo 3G uses a QuickTime-compatible file system which lets NLEs such as EDIUS and Final Cut Pro 7 directly edit content while it is still being recorded.

Broadcast Features

Broadcast support includes up/down/cros conversion with full AFD support for aspect ratio conversion and up to 16 audio channels per video for support of multiple languages with PCM or compressed audio. Tight integration with the Grass Valley Kayenne switcher provides a powerful video ClipStore capability.

Key Features
  • Small form factor: ½ rack width, 2 RU high
  • Two bidirectional channels with DV and MPEG-2 support
  • AVC-Intra 50/100 support is available
  • Up to 45 hours of SD DV25 storage and 25 hours of HD storage (XD- CAM HD 50) on hard disk
  • Simultaneous high-resolution and low-resolution proxy encoding In- stant replay – record-to-play in less than ½ second
  • AppCenter Pro comes standard
  • ChannelFlex-compatible with AppCenter Elite: – Multicam mode – Super SloMo mode: – 3D – Video + key
  • HD/SD-SDI monitor output with timecode burn-in and custom text overlays
  • Multiviewer monitor mode with custom text overlays
  • Built-in mix effects within a single play channel
  • Fast boot times with embedded operating system on CompactFlash media
  • QuickTime-compatible file system for edit-in-place with Final Cut Pro 7, EDIUS and other NLEs control operation with Grass Valley production switchers and vision mixers

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