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Version 8.0.x

  • GV STRATUS — Support for Grass Valley's GV STRATUS® Media Workflow Application Framework.
  • Proxy/live streaming — When licensed and configured to do so, the K2 Summit system creates low-resolution representations of high-resolution media. The system generates a live stream at inputs and outputs. The system also creates proxy files for recorded assets. Proxy/live streaming functionality is included in AppCenter Pro and AppCenter Elite licenses. This functionality requires the currently shipping Type II carrier module. To access proxy/live streaming for application workflows, you must use a supported GV STRATUS system configuration, which includes a separate proxy server. Direct access on a K2 Summit system alone is not supported.
  • Unified file system — The media file system supports direct access and interchange with the GV STRATUS Media Workflow Application Framework.
  • Credentials — Default user accounts and passwords change for better integration across all Grass Valley products.
  • USB Recovery Flash Drive — The size increased to 16 GB.
  • Upgrade — Upgrading existing K2 Summit systems to software version 8.0.x is a disk image process and requires upgraded hardware as well. Software-only upgrade is not supported. Therefore, you must procure an upgrade field kit from Grass Valley, as follows:
    • K2-XDP-CPU-FK — Includes a Type II carrier module with the new higher performance CPU/COM Express board. Order this field kit if you require proxy/live streaming support and your K2 Summit system does not already have a Type II carrier module.
    • K2-XDP-V8x-FK — Does not include a Type II carrier module. Order this field kit if your K2 Summit system already has a Type II carrier module or if you do not require proxy/live streaming support.
    Both field kits include the disk image, CompactFlash, USB Recovery Flash Drive, and documentation required for the upgrade to version 8.0.x software.
  • Documentation – Use K2/GV STRATUS Documentation Set 063-8289-07 October 2011, in addition to these release notes, with this release of K2 software. The following manuals are revised:
    • K2 AppCenter User Manual 071-8723-02
    • K2 System Guide 071-8726-02
    • K2 Solo Media Server Quick Start Guide 071-8710-02
    • K2 Summit Client Quick Start Guide 071-8722-02
    • K2 Summit/Solo Field Kit Upgrade Instructions 071-8721-02
    • K2 TimeDelay User Manual 071-8727-01
    • SiteConfig User Manual 071-8693-03

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