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Version 8.1

  • K2 Summit 3G Production Client — The next generation K2 Summit Production Client. Supports the same feature set and expands upon it as follows:
    • AVCHD play output (decode) support as an option.
    • 3G codec module hosts codec option cards that are programmable for multiple formats and functions, including multi-cam configurations with XDCAM HD format, Super Slow-motion in both DVCPRO HD and AVC-Intra formats, and playback of H.264 clips.
    • Ready for 1080p 50/60 fps applications in the future with a software only upgrade.
    • 2.5 inch internal storage media storage drives. Capacity increased by 50% (12 x 600GB).
    • mSATA SSD system drive with larger capacity, protected by a file-based write filter.
    • USB 3.0 interface for file exchange
    Note: K2 Transmission Clients/Servers and K2 Solo models continue to be available and are not replaced by K2 Summit 3G Production Client.
  • SNFS file system — Upgrade to version 3.5.3.b21398 is required.
  • Documentation – Use K2/GV STRATUS Documentation Set 063-8289-08 February 2012, in addition to these release notes, with this release of K2 software. The following manuals are new/revised:
    • K2 AppCenter User Manual 071-8723-03
    • K2 System Guide 071-8726-03
    • K2 Summit 3G Service Manual 071-8725-02
    • K2 SAN Installation and Service Manual 071-8779-01
    • K2 Storage Cabling Guide 071-8780-01
    • K2 Summit 3G Client Quick Start Guide 071-8722-03
    • K2 Summit/Solo Field Kit Upgrade Instructions 071-8721-03
    • K2 Summit 3G Field Kit Upgrade Instructions 071-8826-00

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