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Compatible K2 Control Point PC components

The following components reside on the K2 Control Point PC and are compatible with this release of K2 software as listed in the following table. Compatible versions are pre-installed on the K2 Control Point PC when you receive it new from Grass Valley.

Software Version Comments
K2 Control Point 9.5
K2 System Configuration 9.5  
Windows Operating System Server 2008 R2 64-bit
Windows Update 2.0.50727.4022
Disk image 9.0.3 for R610/2950, 12.0.12 for R620
SQL Server Express 2005
.NET Framework 1.1, 1.1 Hotfix, 2.0 SP2, 3.0 SP2, 3.5 SP1, Version 4.0 update KB2468871, 4.5
QuickTime 7.6 and higher
MS XML 4.0
Windows Installer 3.1
SiteConfig application Upgrade to this version before deploying software to any devices.
SiteConfig Discovery Agent, also known as SiteConfig Network Configuration Connect Kit A minimum version of 1.0.8 is required to support device discovery. Then when you deploy software to the device, the SiteConfig application prompts you to upgrade to the correct version of the Discovery Agent on the device.
Adobe Reader 11.0

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