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Known Problems

The following limitations are present in this release of software. If you wish to obtain more information about these limitations, please mention the reference numbers.

K2Config/Site Config and Windows Server 2012

KT-8065 Description: When installing SharedBinaries on a Windows 2012 Server, it think it's upgrading the QLogic driver.
  Workaround: None.
KT-8042 Description SiteConfig stuck during upgrade of Summit from 9.4 to 9.5
  Workaround None.
KT-8045 Description Problem with SiteConfig upgrading SAN from 9.3/9.4 to 9.5.
  Workaround None

K2 Central

KT-8036 Description: Document command line for loading firmware to multiple drives
  Workaround: The “storcli64.exe” command line application can be used to update all of the drives firmware in one shot. This application can be found at: \\hillsfile02\proj\hw_bv\datasheets\LSI\Megaraid\1.14.12_StorCLI\storcli_all_os\Windows\storcli64.exe 1. Open command window (or powershell) 2. Execute command > storcli64.exe /c0 /sall download src=<file> This will work on one drive at a time and may print out messages that it is retrying some of the operations.
KT-2597 Description FTP transfers are not always shown in the Summit's transfer monitor.
  Workaround None.
KT- 2493 Description K2 central server uninstall leaves behind 64-bit files
  Workaround None.
KT-2123 Description Update K2-Central installer to install 64-bit components
  Workaround None.


KT-8047 Description: When upgrading from to, all AppCenter channel configurations were lost on an Adlink Standalone.
  Workaround: None.


KT-8088 Description: Isilon: Database migration requires a second reboot
  Workaround: When a User attempts to migrate a database for the first from the default location ie V:\media\media.db race conditions are created to prevent the database from connecting properly. Once the database is copied to the desired location via the DBPath registry key, a second reboot is needed to ensure services are started in the properorder and database connectivity to be restored. Additional note: All connected summits will need to be restarted too.
KT-8060 Description Channel configurations may be lost upgrading to 9.5.
  Workaround When using Siteconfig to upgrade earth-sa-2 from to, all channel lost their configurations. - Channels went from EE to PB mode - Timecode went from TOD back to INT - All channels went back to SD--most were set to 720p or 1080i - All channels lost their proxy setup settings. - The Multi-cam channel went back to a single Player/Recorder. - AMP protocol went back to VDCP Note that these settings are reverting back to defaults. Normally this should not happen for a software-only upgrade. This was kicked out of the 9.5 release because of how late it was in the program when this was first reported and the high risk of introducing new problems.
KT-2589 Description Blue screen and other difficulties in the field when changing a 9.4 Summit to have IP codec board and 9.5 software.
  Workaround None.
KT-2529 Description Redundant SAN system won't run at all if the serial com is not working .
  Workaround None.
KT-2163 Description Led's behave differently for a disabled drive between old and new raid controllers
  Workaround None.
KT-2490 Description Bad E-to-E SD media streams output with Multi-Cam Recorder
  Workaround To get out of the bad state, change the Video Input selection to SDI (with a valid PAL/SD signals present on the SDI inputs) and then change back to 10GigE.
KT-8100 Description Unknown transceiver warning in log with 10GigE direct-attached cables.
  Workaround The cable still functions as expected, the warning message can be ignored.

K2Config/Site Config and Windows Server 2012

Known Issues in Previous Releases

KT-2262 Description: K2Config/SiteConfig have problem connecting and configuring Windows Server 2012 machines. The problem is that the Public firewall gets enabled after one of the following occured: 1) Static IP address is set for the NIC port 2) SNFS/Discovery Agent is installed. When the firewall is enabled, SiteConfig can't install software on Server; K2Config can't connect to the server and configure it.
  Workaround: The is to disable the firewall manually. Then restart SiteConfig/K2Config. Note that the base image has all firewall disabled.


ncb00003440 Description: Bins nested more than nine levels deep are not supported. Database errors can occur.
Workaround: Constrain bins to nine levels deep or less. This includes the top-most bin.
ncb00003457 Description: Closed captioning and/or ancillary data not present in the last few seconds of a growing clip's playout. This occurs when playing out a clip that is being recorded, and the recording stops.
Workaround: Stop playout of growing clip before stopping recording. In any case the closed captioning and/or ancillary data is full-length in the recorded clip and present in subsequent playout.
ncb00039062 Description: The system clock may not update when the TimeOfDay source is changed.
Workaround: If this happens reboot after the TimeOfDay source change.
ncb00003919 Description: When reconfiguring channel security settings on Configuration Manager Security tab, AppCenter does not allow username/password fields to be blank.
Workaround: Enter username/password for a valid user account. Once configured, the fields require valid information.
ncb00004073 Description: Recorded video is one frame late relative to timecode. This occurs if you record using Time-of-day timecode and the source is from channel four's LTC input.
Workaround: Connect the house LTC input to channel 1 and use it as the Time-of-day source.
ncb00002648 Description: AppCenter does not allow a clip to be deleted if the clip is associated with a playlist, program, or subclip.
Workaround: First use the "Consolidate Media" feature on the clip, then delete the clip.
ncb00002781 Description: Video faults continue to occur if Super Slo-Mo inputs lose and then regain phase alignment while recording is underway.
Workaround: If inputs lose phase alignment, first restore phase alignment and then stop and restart the recording.
ncb00035282 Description: On K2 Summit Transmission models, only two audio tracks can be created for new Playlist.
Workaround: Switch the channel to a Player/Recorder, set the number of audio channels, then create the Playlist.
ncb00038746 Description: Audio errors occur when playing a clip while importing from a USB device.
Workaround: Copy first, then play. Playback while importing from USB not supported.
ncb00075492 Description: After a failover event occurs on the K2 SAN, there are multiple decoder errors when playing an Avid DNxHD, AVC-Intra, or DVCPROHD clip that was recorded at the time of the failover.
Workaround: Delete clips that exhibit these errors and re-record them.
DE8566 Description: If a channel is running as a Playlist when it is configured to be a 4K Player, 4K Recorder, 3D/Video+Key Player or 3D/Video+Key Recorder then it will not play or record correctly.
Workaround: Be sure all channels are running as a Player/Recorder before changing the configuration to a 4K Player, 4K Recorder, 3D/Video+Key Player or 3D/Video+Key Recorder.
DE9040 Description: E-to-E video is dim after switching a channel from 3xSSM to a Recorder/Player.
Workaround: Cue a clip after changing the channel from a SSM channel to a Recorder/Player channel. Once cued, either for play or for record, the channel configuration is complete and E-to-E operation will be correct for the new channel type.
DE9789 Description: For Multi-Cam Recorder with 2 inputs and split audio 8+8, and proxy file generation enabled, the audio setting has invalid and unselectable configurations.
  1. The number of audio inputs changes to 2, but the choice to select 4 is available. Do not select 4 as it's not valid.
  2. If A7/A8 is selected as the first audio input pair for proxy files from one SDI input, the A7/A8 pair is not selectable from a second SDI input.

Storage Utility

ncb00004104 Description: Storage Utility does not open for a nearline SAN. This occurs when in K2 Config you select the name of the K2 SAN, which is the top node of the storage system tree, when attempting to open Storage Utility.
Workaround: In K2Config tree view, under the nearline SAN's K2 Media Server, select the File System Server node to open its property page. On the property page click Launch Storage Utility.


DE9621 Description: On a direct-connect K2 Summit system, Storage Utility reports Error: Unbind... after unbinding all LUNs and is then unable to bind LUNs.
Workaround: Power cycle the direct-connect K2 RAID storage and the K2 Summit system. Then re-launch the Storage Utility.


ncb00017096 Description: The K2 Media Server displays an error because the Dell OpenManage server log fills up.
Workaround: Manually clear the log and then configure OpenManage to overwrite the log when full.
ncb00003449 Description: Slow operations after restarting with a USB device connected.
Workaround: Disconnect then reconnect USB device. Normal operation speed is restored.
ncb00002672 Description: Macintosh systems cannot write to a HotBin directory on the V: drive of an iSCSI or Fibre Channel connected K2 SAN. GV Connect export to the HotBin fails.
Workaround: Delete the HotBin, configure Macintosh access in the SNFS configuration file, then recreate the HotBin from the K2 Media Server. Configure the SNFS configuration file as part of the upgrade to this version of K2 software, as instructed in the upgrade procedure earlier in these release notes. If not upgrading, take systems offline, make the change as instructed in the upgrade procedure, then restart the K2 Media Server to put the change into effect.
ncb00004203 Description: On a K2 Media Server with SNFS on the C: drive, media is lost if you re-image the C: drive
Workaround: Before re-imaging, use the ssave.bat and srestore.bat tools included on the USB drive included with the K2 Summit system or upgrade field kit.
ncb00060531 Description: When configuring a HotBin Export destination folder and entering credentials, a "...cannot start service..." error message appears.
Workaround: In Windows Services Control Panel, for Grass Valley Import Service, enter the credentials and start the service.
ncb00038588 Description: The K2Config application does not open.
Workaround: On the PC that hosts the K2Config application, disable the control network interface card, then open the K2Config application, then enable the control network interface card.
ncb00064016 Description: AFD property is not passed with AVC clips.
Workaround: Add an ancillary data track to the AVC clip to carry the AFD property.
ncb00063992 Description: Some USB 3.0 devices are not recognized as USB 3.0 on the front connectors.
Workaround: If the USB 3.0 device is recognized as a USB 2.0 device when plugged in, remove it and plug it in again to be recognized as a USB 3.0 device. If the USB 3.0 device is not recognized at all, plug in a USB 2.0 device, then plug in the USB 3.0 device again to use it. This only needs to be done once after booting. Thereafter the device will be recognized as a USB 3.0 device.
DE6716 Description: 3x Super Slow Motion in 720p record jitters for a few frames after changing the camera format.
Workaround: After a camera video format change, discard the first bad frames of the first recording. Recordings thereafter will be good until the camera video format is changed again.
DE6779 Description: Ancillary data lost on import of P2 clip.
Workaround: Contact Grass Valley Support.
DE6940 Description: An iSCSI-attached K2 Summit SAN client system fails to play or record two channels of 1080p when the other two channels are doing a continuous record of 1080p.
Workaround: Only two 1080p channels are supported for iSCSI connected SAN clients. Use FibreChannel connections to use 1080p on more than two channels on SAN clients. While two channels are doing a continuous record of 1080p, do not use the other two channels.
DE6954 Description: In the K2 TimeDelay application, thumbnails are not updated.
Workaround: None. Thumbnails are no longer updated as records continue in K2 TimeDelay.
DE7330 Description: A long continuous recorded clip might not delete successfully. The clip is deleted from the media file system, yet the clip is still displayed in AppCenter.
Workaround: Use the Storage Utility Clean Unreferenced Movies feature. This removes the display of the clip from AppCenter.


Description: FTP transfers fail to/from a K2 Media Server with role of FTP server. This occurs on first start-up after re-image.
Workaround: Reboot the K2 Media Server, and restart the Grass Valley FTP Dameon service.
DE9019 Description: 4K and 6xSSM features do not work when the licenses are installed to a K2 Summit 3G system that is not properly configured to support them.
Workaround: Do not install 4K or 6xSSM licenses onto K2 Summit systems that are not properly configured to support these features. Proper configuration includes the correct hardware, media drives and K2 Summit 3G codec modules.
DE9480 Description: Errors in recording when there is a Fibre Channel SAN client fail-over.
Workaround: None.
DE9664 Description: 6-in/2-out performance is slow when using ShareFlex on K2 Summit 3G systems with hard drives.
Workaround: Ensure your hardware is able to support this feature. You may also try the following to bring the system back into its operational rating:
  • Use split audio on the triple Multi-Cam channels instead of no split audio
  • Drop the video bit rate to 50Mbps
  • Do not use ShareFlex
  • Use SSDs instead of hard drives
DE11433 Description: When running the Summit Diagnostics application, the message RESULT: CodecMezz Memory Test FAILED is false. There is nothing wrong with tested component.
Workaround: Contact Grass Valley Support to install an update to the Summit Diagnostics application.

Proxy/live streaming

ncb00041093 Description: Live streaming can fail when the K2 Summit system's IP address is changed.
Workaround: On the K2 Summit system navigate to V:\live streaming and use Notepad or a similar text editor to open a *.sdp file. Check the first IP address listed in the file, on the o= line. If it is not the K2 Summit system's Control Connection IP address, delete the *.sdp files in the directory and restart the K2 Summit system.
ncb00061128 Description: Remote desktop connections cause live streaming errors and audio/video sync problems.
Workaround: Do not use Remote Desktop on K2 Summit systems that are generating live streams. To restore live streaming audio/video sync, disable the proxy recording and live streaming for that channel, then re-enable live streaming.


ncb00003885 Description: If uninstalling or installing K2 client software while applications or connections to AppService are open, the installation program becomes unresponsive.
Workaround: To prevent the problem from occurring, shutdown all applications and connections before uninstalling or installing. Then after all applications are shutdown, use Task Manager to stop AppService.
ncb00040814 Description: Error messages appear during Generic iSCSI software install. This occurs when doing a manual (not SiteConfig) install on a Windows 7 PC. The error messages are similar to "The installation of VS2005.762 appears to have failed..." and "Setup could not find the update.inf file...".
Workaround: Ignore the error messages and continue with installation. The software installs successfully. The error messages are caused because the installation program tries to install components that are already present in Windows 7.


ncb00008524 Description: Transfers to/from M-Series iVDR are not supported.
Workaround: Do not attempt to transfer to/from M-Series iVDR.
ncb00025753 Description: MXF streaming transfer to XDCAM recorder fails.
Workaround: None. Some Sony deck models do not comply with the MXF standard.


DE8762 Description: A channel is automatically configured as a 4K Recorder or 4K Player, even if it is currently in use. This occurs when you manually configure a first channel as a 4K Recorder or 4K Player and the second channel is automatically configured.
Workaround: As designed. Make sure channels are not in use before configuring any channel as a 4K Recorder or 4K Player channel.
DE10353 Description: On the Channel Configuration page, when a 4K Recorder (Top) or 4K Player (Top) is selected, channel ganging is used to join two channels together. A side effect is that any channels currently in the gang are removed. E.g., if C1 is configured as a 4K Recorder and C3 and/or C4 are in the gang, they will be removed from the gang.
Workaround: Click Cancel on the Channel Configuration page and the changes will not take effect.
DE10533 Description: 4K recording (individual quadrant) can get out of sync after video feed interruption.
Workaround: Provide a frame sync before the Summit input.

Dyno PA/Dyno

ncb00002810 Description: On a stand-alone K2 Summit/Solo configured for K2 Dyno PA, the V: drive is not available. This occurs if the K2 system is started without a network connection or otherwise used outside of the Dyno PA system.
Workaround: Remove the DLC configuration from the K2 Summit/Solo as instructed in Dyno PA documentation. Verify that the loopback adapter is at the top of the adapter order list. This is required for a stand-alone K2 system that is not part of a Dyno PA system.
ncb00076307 Description: K2 Dyno playlists with more than four audio tracks do not have the associated audio file, causing problems when exported. This occurs with K2 Dyno software version and K2 Summit software version, in which only four audio tracks are configured.
Workaround: Before exporting the playlist, configure the K2 Summit system to record eight audio channels.
DE8555 Description: Media storage fills rapidly each time a loop record is stopped and restarted with an append record. The amount of lost disk space may become significant after many stops and starts of append record.
Workaround: Start a record session and let it continue to run without stopping, and then restart with an append record.

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