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Version 9.5

  • IP Codec — The Summit IP Codec Board is a new codec board that provides a super set of the existing Summit 3G Codec Board functionality. The Summit IP Codec Board adds SMPTE 2022-6 interfaces and support all of the video formats, compression types, and channel configurations currently supported by the existing Summit 3G Codec Board with the exception of slow motion and 4K modes of operation.

    The Summit IP codec board has been tested with Cisco Nexus 3000 series 10GigE network switches. The Cisco model number 3548P-10G and Cisco model number 3172PQ 10GigE optical network switches are known to be compatible with the Summit IP codec board.

  • K2 Central TX — K2 Central TX is a new storage platform that runs on Windows Server 2012. When used in in combination with K2 Summit 3G Clients, this platform offers play-to-air server/storage systems for smaller applications of up to 20 channels (20 channels at 50 Mbps and 16 channels at 100 Mbps). With RAID1 and 11 drives, K2 Central TX provides up to 6OTB of storage (with 11 2 TB drives = 20 TB of storage, with 11 4 TB drives = 40 TB storage and with 11 6 TB = 60 TB of storage.

    K2 Central TX also provides multiple levels of redundancy including: RAID-1 data redundancy - no dropped frames or loss of content in the event of a disk failure. Disconnection of a client causes only the channels associated with that client to freeze on playback, until the connection is re-established. Power supply failure does not disrupt system operation. A replacement power-supply can be hot-swapped while the system is in operation. Operating System redundancy with dual SATA SSDs in RAID-1 configuration. There is file system metadata redundancy with dual SATA SSDs in RAID-1 configuration.
  • K2 Dyno Universe (multi-Summit sessions) — K2 Summit v9.5 also allows you to combine K2 Summits under a single Dyno – if your standalone K2 Summit is configured for 4-in/2-out, adding a second K2 Summit configured for 8-in 0-out gives you a 12-in/2-out system. For every clip created, all 12 angles are available, each with separate name, rating and metadata tags.
  • There is support for K2 Dyno Universe 6X and UHD/4K replay systems.
  • There are Dyno network configuration and setup improvements.
  • You can now define the IP connection information for both the Control and Media network settings on the K2 Summit, or any K2 Summit on the network.
  • There is support for a replacement RAID card for the internal drives of a Summit 3G.
  • There is support for Windows 2012 server for K2 Central TX shared storage.
  • SNFS (StoreNext File System) version 4.7.2 is required. If you are moving from SNFS version 3.5.x, you are required to do an intermediate jump to SNFS 4.1.

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