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Version 9.1

  • ShareFlex - Supports sharing a K2 Dyno S Replay Controller's record train from one K2 Summit system with another K2 Summit system over the network. For more information, refer to K2 Dyno S Replay Controller User Manual and Release Notes for software version 3.1.
  • Enhance network bandwidth - As part of upgrading to this version of K2 system software, there are additional tasks to enhance network bandwidth. This is required for K2 Summit/Solo systems using ShareFlex and highly recommended for all systems.
  • Closed Captioning support - CEA 608 to CEA 708 DTV CC transcoder.
  • Compatibility - Option to export MXF files in either SMPTE 377M or SMPTE 377-1 style.
  • Compression - AVC-LongG; supports new Panasonic AVC-LongG cameras.
  • Password and security on Grass Valley systems - The GVAdmin user account is now a member of the Administrators group, with full Windows administrator rights. If you need a user account with K2 administrator rights only, use the pre-configured K2Admin account or configure your own site-specific account.
  • Documentation – Use the K2/GV STRATUS Documentation Set 071-8910-00, in addition to these release notes, with this release of K2 software. The following manuals are new/revised:
    • K2 10Gv2 SAN Installation and Service Manual 071-8779-03
    • K2 Storage Cabling Guide 071-8780-03
    • K2 Summit/Solo Field Kit Upgrade Instructions 071-8721-06
    • K2 AVID Connect Installation Manual and Release Notes 071-8904-00
    • K2 Dyno S Replay Controller User Manual 071-8909-00

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