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Version 9.3

  • 4K — The K2 Summit 3G system supports 4K Ultra High Definition workflow with the requirement of 3G licenses, 4K licenses, 3G codec module, codec option cards, and high endurance solid state drives.
  • 6x Super-Slo-Mo — The K2 Summit 3G system supports 6x Super-Slow-Mo (SSM) workflow with LDX XtremeSpeed and LDX Compact XtremeSpeed 6x ultra slow-motion cameras.
  • 1080p 50/60 — The K2 Summit 3G system supports 3G Level B Dual Stream 1080p 50/60 input and output. This includes support for 1080p AVC-Intra Class 100 format for 3D/Video+Key and 3x Super-Slow-Mo. Requires a 3G codec module plus HD, 3G, and AVC licenses.
  • 6-in/2-out support — The support of 3-input Multi-Cam recorder which records video for each three 720p/1080i SDI inputs in a channel for a clip. Two 3-input Multi-Cam recorders, and 2 players enable the 6-in/2-out support.
  • Enhanced K2 Dyno integration with 4K/UHD Pan & Zoom — The K2 Summit 3G system supports 4K/UHD Pan & Zoom feature in K2 Dyno S Replay Controller. Requires the DynoZoom Frame and GV DynoZoom software.
  • High endurance SSD Internal Storage — Required for features with high storage bandwidths such as 6-in/2-out support, 6x Super-Slo-Mo (SSM), and 4K/UHD workflow. Available options are 8-drive and 12-drive in a RAID-0 or RAID-1 configuration.
  • Type IV CPU carrier module — Updated components on CPU board. Functionally equivalent to Type III CPU carrier module.
  • Documentation — PDF manuals are replaced by an online HTML format Topic Library. Refer to Topic Library replaces PDF manuals.
  • Revised compatibility between K2 hardware components and software versions — K2 Summit systems shipping from Grass Valley after 20140901 have hardware components that require compatible K2 software versions. Refer to Compatible K2 systems hardware.
  • Topic Library republished 20140829 to restore missing section "Installing and Servicing the K2 SAN system".

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