Other Topic Library Versions

Version 9.4

  • Enhanced K2 Dyno integration — The K2 Summit 3G system supports Pan & Zoom feature with 6x SSM, 1080p 3x SSM, and HD formats in K2 Dyno S Replay Controller. Requires the DynoZoom Frame and GV DynoZoom software.
  • 4K audio record and playback — The K2 Summit 3G system supports audio in its 4K Ultra High Definition workflow up to 8 audio tracks. Requires 3G licenses, 4K licenses, 3G codec module, codec option cards, and high endurance solid state drives.
  • Live streaming custom multicast configuration — Supports assignable multicast addresses to control Live Streaming network configuration settings.
  • Higher quality streaming proxy — Enables stream bitrate selection of Lowest to Highest streaming proxy quality for each channel setting.
  • K2-NASCONNECT license — K2 Summit systems with Network Attached Storage (NAS) require K2-NASCONNECT licenses. Each NAS client must have a K2-NASCONNECT license in order to work with K2 Summit, K2 Dyno S Replay Controller, and GV STRATUS application.
  • Enhanced MXF export — Supports MXF export for XDCAMHD-422 and AVC-Intra Class 100 ARD profile.
  • Documentation — The following additional changes have been made to the K2 Summit 9.4 Topic Library:
    • "About This Release" section renamed "Release Notes" and moved to top of Topic Library.
    • Information added about K2 Summit system QuickTime FTP support.
    • Topic Library revised 20141212. Known Problems DE9621, DE9480, DE11433, and DE8762 added.
    • Topic Library revised 20150218 for the removal of administrator credentials.

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