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Extent Manager for K2 SANs

Extent Manager is a service that reclaims hard drive disc space that might be lost by the creation of proxy media files. It runs automatically on standalone K2 Summit systems. You must run it manually on your online or production K2 SAN system if you store proxy media files in the same storage (on the V: drive) as your high-resolution media files.

You should run Extent Manager periodically as instructed below during times when system performance is not critical, such as while the system is off the air. To see how many proxy files are in queue to be operated on by the Extent Manager service, look in the default proxy location V:\proxy\journal\. Each journal file in that location represents a proxy file in the queue. A large number of files indicates that you should run Extent Manager.

  1. Open the Windows Services Control Panel.
  2. Start the Grass Valley Extent Manager Service. A message notifies you that the service started successfully.
  3. Monitor progress by observing files in V:\proxy\journal\. A decreasing number of files indicates the service is working. You can estimate 4 minutes per 1000 files.
  4. If desired, you can safely stop and start Extent Manager at any time, using the Windows Services Control Panel.
  5. When the journal folder is empty or contains only a few files, the Extent Manager process is complete.

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