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Partially Muting

Showing Waveforms

To conceal noise, etc., operate while viewing the waveform.

1Click [Audio] on the track panel.

The track is expanded and the audio rubber band and the waveform are displayed. For stereo audio, a waveform is displayed in each channel. You can detect noise, etc. by reviewing the waveform range and the sound actually being played back.

V-mute Settings

Fade in or fade out before and after a single central point to conceal noise, etc.

1Move the timeline cursor to a position where the volume is zero.

Confirm the shape of the waveform display, and adjust the position of the timeline cursor.

2Right-click the clip on which V-mute is to be applied, and click [V-Mute].

The volume at the position of the timeline cursor becomes zero, and four points are added on the volume rubber band with the timeline cursor at their center.

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