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Registering Clips Displayed on the Player to the Bin

Registering Clips on the Player to the Bin

Register clips displayed on the Player to the bin.

1Display clips on the Player.

Displaying Clips on the Player

Set the In and Out points, if necessary.

2Click [Add Clip on Player to Bin] on the Player.

Registering between In and Out Points to the Bin As a Separate Clip (Subclip)

The range between In and Out points set to the clip can be copied as a subclip and registered to the bin.

Subclips reference the same source as the original clip (master clip).

1Display the clip on the Player, and set the In and Out points.

Setting the In and Out Points

2Click [Add Subclip to Bin] on the Player.

The subclip is created in the name format “original clip name—sub 4-digit sequential number”, and is registered to the bin.

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