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Creating New Sequences

What Are Sequences?

Sequence is a set of clips arranged on the timeline.

You can open and edit sequences on the timeline. A single project can comprise multiple sequences, and a sequence to edit can be selected by clicking the sequence tab. The sequence is registered in the bin as “TL (timeline) sequence clip”.

Nest sequence is the function for placing a certain sequence within other sequences in the same way as a clip for editing.


When “Sequence 2” is placed in the 1VA track of sequence 1

You can open and edit the clip in “Sequence 2”, which is placed in Sequence 1, in the timeline window.

Creating New Sequences

Create a new sequence.

1Click [Create New Sequence] of the timeline.

A blank sequence is created in the timeline window, and a timeline sequence clip also is registered to the bin at the same time.

To select a sequence, click the sequence tab.

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