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Changing Layouts along the Time Axis

Setting Key Frames

When a key frame is set, you can change the layout along the timeline.

1) Select a clip, and start up layouter.


Time scale settings

Click this to toggle the specified display unit and [Fit].

Click the left arrow to reduce the display unit, or click the right arrow to increase the display unit.


Time scale slider

Drag the slider to the left and right to adjust the time scale display unit. Move the slider to the left to reduce the display unit, or to the right to increase it. The right end is [Fit].


Playback/Tool buttons

: Play back the timeline on the Recorder.

: Repeatedly play back the clip currently being edited.

: Undo an operation.

[Ctrl] + [Z]

: Redo the undone operation.

[Ctrl] + [Y]

: Switch the changes of each parameter to the chart view. In the chart view, the timeline is represented by a chart display of the selected key. The parameters can be edited by moving the keys up and down.

The numerical values and gradations of the Y axis can be changed by entering numerical values.


Time scale for key frame

Display a scale with the unit selected in the time scale setting on the timeline.

Right-click the time scale and click [Timeline Timecode] to display the timecode of the timeline or click [Zero base Timecode] to display the timecode with the beginning of the clip as 0.

If a sequence marker is set for the position where the clip is placed, right-click the time scale and click [Go to Previous Sequence Marker] or [Go To Next Sequence marker] to move the timeline cursor to the previous or next sequence marker.



Unchecking the item disables the parameter settings. To set a key frame, check [Layouter].


Expand button

Click this button to configure detailed settings for each item.

The layout can be edited by entering a numerical value or moving the mouse to a control and dragging when the mouse cursor changes shape.


[Add Default Key]

Click this item to set the key frame of the items for each parameter in the layout (in an unchanged state) set as the [Default] in the preset at the timeline cursor position.


Key frame setting

Click in the center to set a key frame on the position of the timeline cursor. When the timeline cursor is located over the key frame, the key frame will be deleted.

Click the left and right arrow to move to the previous and next key frame.


Key frame timeline

When a layout is edited at the timeline cursor position, a key frame is automatically added.

Also, when parameter items are expanded, parameters can be edited by dragging the key frame up or down.

2) Check [Layouter] items.

3) On the timeline for the key frame, move the timeline cursor to the position to which the initial key frame is set.

4) Edit the layout.

5) Move the timeline cursor to the position to add the next key frame, and edit the layout.

6) Click [OK].

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