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Effectively Editing Clips Using the Nest Sequence Function

Registering Clips on the Timeline to the Bin as Sequences

You can register clips between In and Out points placed on the timeline to the bin. You can also select a clip to register to the bin as a timeline sequence clip.

1) Setting the In and Out Points to the Timeline

2) Click [Edit] on the menu bar, and click [Add Sequence to Bin] → [In/Out] or [Selected Clip].

Creating Blank Timeline Sequence Clips on Tracks

You can place a blank timeline sequence clip in advance at the sequence insert position.

1) Move the timeline cursor to the position to create the timeline sequence clip.

2) Right-click the track to create the sequence at, and click [New Sequence].

Duplicating Sequences

You can duplicate timeline sequence clips in the bin. Create a sequence with the same content but using a different name.

1) Right-click a timeline sequence clip in the bin, and click [Duplicate Sequence].

Placing Sequences within Other Sequence (Nest Sequence)

You can place a timeline sequence clip within another timeline sequence.

1) Set the source channel mapping.

2) Move the timeline cursor to the position to place the clip.

3) Select a timeline sequence clip from the bin, and click [Add to Timeline].

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