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Palette Window

There are 4 types of palettes: [Information] palette, [Effect] palette, [Marker] palette, and [Job] palette.

[Information] Palette

You can view the information on clips placed on the timeline or adjust the applied effects.

Showing/Hiding [Information] Palette


Information area

Display information such as the file name, duration, and color space. The displayed contents differ depending on the object selected on the timeline.


Effect list

Display applied effects in a list. Also register the set effects as a preset.

Registering Effects to [Effect] Palette

  • For a clip with video part, [Layouter] is always displayed.


[Open Setup Dialog]

Display a settings dialog box to adjust each effect or the [Layouter] dialog box.



Delete the effect. [Layouter] items cannot be deleted.

[Effect] Palette

Effects are used to adjust the brightness and color of images, add special effects, and create composite videos.

Showing/Hiding [Effect] Palette


Folder view

Display the effect folder in tree structure.


Effect view

Display the contents of effects in the selected folder. If an effect with animation is selected, the animation is displayed.

[Marker] Palette

Manage the sequence markers appended to the timeline and clip markers appended to a clip. The [Sequence Marker] and [Clip Marker] lists can be switched by clicking the button.

[Sequence Marker] List

Displaying the [Sequence Marker] List

[Clip Marker] List

Displaying the [Clip Marker] List

[Job] Palette

The screen of GV Job Monitor is displayed.

Showing/Hiding [Job] Palette

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