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Creating a New Project

This section explains how to create a new project when or after EDIUS starts.

Use a preset to create a new project. There are two types of presets, project preset and project template.

Project Preset

A project preset is a preset of project settings.

Set the project format according to the format of the output destination. At initial start-up, register a project preset by the [Project Preset] wizard.

Creating New Project Presets at Initial Start-up

Project presets are registered in advance, depending on the application. If this happens, select a project preset according to the format for the export destination.

Project Template

A project template is a preset that saves all information of another project as a template, which includes project settings, sources (video, audio, still image, and title files), effects, sequences, bin, etc.

A project template can be created by editing a project to be reused and saving it as a template.

Saving as Project Template


  • Sources can be reused only when they are saved in the project folder.

    If the sources are saved outside the project folder, they will become offline clips when the project template is to be edited on a different PC from the one the project template was created.

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