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Shortcut Keys

This section explains operation methods using shortcut keys and how to change keyboard shortcut assignments.

About Shortcut Keys

You can perform operations more effectively using combinations of keys on the keyboard (keyboard shortcuts), or combinations of mouse and key operations (mouse shortcuts).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Playback and stop

Press [Enter] on the keyboard while the preview window or timeline is active. This plays back (or stops) video.


Deletion of gaps (deletion of spaces between clips)

Click on the clip immediately following the space on the timeline, and press [Backspace] on the keyboard.

Mouse Shortcuts

Joint move

Drag the clip with the mouse with [Shift] and [Alt] on the keyboard held down.


Saving projects under different names

With [Shift] on the keyboard held down, click [Save Project] with the mouse.

Changing Keyboard Shortcut Assignments

Change shortcut keys assigned to the keyboard.

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [User Settings].

2) Click the [User Interface] tree, and click [Keyboard Shortcut].

3) Select the [Motion] items to change.


Select categories to narrow down the search of shortcut operations.


Enter a keyword to narrow down the shortcut operations.

Operation list

Displays operations searched by narrowing down categories in a list.


Import the contents of keyboard shortcut key assignments.


Export the contents of keyboard shortcut key assignments.


Displays the keyboard to enable setting of key assignments.

[Not Assign]

Change assigned shortcut key settings to [Not Assign].


Copy shortcut keys assigned in [Motion]. [Assign] becomes [Not Assign].


When a shortcut has been duplicated by [Duplicate], one of the shortcuts with the same [Motion] can be deleted.

[Back to default]

Return key assignments to their default settings.

4) Click [Assign].

5) Press the key to assign on the keyboard, and click [Close].

6) Set each item and click [OK].

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