Checking Out Projects (Check-out)

Collect the project and source clips referenced by the project in a specified folder on a removable USB storage media. Instead of the original source files, proxy files for limited editing also can be checked out.

1) Click [File] on the menu bar, and click [Field Editing] → [Check out].

2) Click [Browse], and specify the checkout destination.

3) Set each item and click [OK].

4) Click [Yes].

[Check Out] Dialog Box

[Checked Out]

Click [Browse], and specify the collection point (e.g. removable USB storage media) of the project or source clips. Check [Create folder with project name] to create a folder with the project name in the destination folder.

You can enter a comment in the [Comments] field.

You can check the amount of free space at the checkout destination and the size of the project data for checking out and field editing at [Drive Space] and [Required Space]. The numerical value of [Required Space] differs according to the [Check Out Source Files] and [Check Out Target] setting.

[Check Out Source Files]


Check this item to collect the proxy at the checkout destination. The checked out project references the proxy. A proxy will be automatically generated if there is not proxy.


Check this item to collect the original source files at the checkout destination. When copying only parts currently used on the timeline, set the margin.

[Copy only L clip for stereo clips]

Displayed only in the stereoscopic edit mode. Check this item to collect the L side of the stereoscopic clip at the checkout destination. When both L and R sides is included in a single file, the clips are copied as they are.

[Check Out Target]

Select the clips to be collected at the checkout destination. When [Only timeline (Opened Sequence)] is selected, only the clips currently used on the timeline of the currently open sequence are collected. When [All] is selected, both the clips currently used on the timeline and the clips registered to the bin are collected.

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