Changing the Display of Operation Button

Add, delete and change the placement order of operation buttons that are displayed on screens.

Operation Button Settings

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [User Settings].

2) Click the [User Interface] tree, and click [Button].

3) Select the area to customize from the list.

4) From the [Current Buttons] list, select the button one position below the insert position.

5) Select the button to add from the [Available Buttons] list, and click [>>].

6) Click [OK].



  • If too many buttons are added to the center area of the Player and Recorder, only the buttons that can be shown within the area are displayed from the top of the list.

[Button] Screen



A: [Player - File (Left)]

B: [Player - File (Center - Left)]

C: [Player - File (Center - Right)]

D: [Player - File (Right)]

  • During file operations, area settings can be customized by [Player - File (Area)], and during deck operations, area settings can be customized by [Player - Deck (Area)], respectively.

  • Areas A to D are the same for the Recorder, too.

[Bin]: Bin window operation buttons

[Timeline]: Timeline window operation buttons

[Effect]: [Effect] palette operation buttons

[Source Browser]: Source browser window operation buttons

[Mode Bar]: Mode bar operation buttons

[Marker]: [Marker] palette operation buttons


[Available Buttons]


Select a category to narrow down [Available Buttons].


Enter a keyword to narrow down [Available Buttons].


[Current Buttons]

Displays the buttons to display.



Add/delete buttons to be displayed.



Change the position of buttons.



Return settings to their defaults.

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