Operations in the Folder View

You can register clips for individual folders to classify them. Folders can be added under the [root] folder in a hierarchical structure.

Showing/Hiding Folder View

Creating a Folder

1) Right-click the folder in the folder view, and click [New Folder].

2) Enter the folder name.

Moving Folders

1) Drag a folder, and drop it onto the destination folder.


Duplicating Folders

Duplicate a folder.

1) Drag the folder in the folder view, and drop it onto the duplicate destination folder with [Ctrl] on the keyboard held down.


Deleting Folders

Delete a folder.

1) Select the folder to delete in the folder view, and click [Delete] in the bin.

2) Click [Yes].



  • Once you delete a folder, you cannot restore it (cannot undo deletion).

  • When a folder is deleted, all clips in that folder and sub folders are also deregistered.

Switching the Display Folder

Switch the folder to be displayed.

1) Click the folder to be displayed in the folder view.

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