Adding Narration and Sound Effects

Addition of Speech with Voice Over

Voice over is a function for adding narration or sound effects while previewing a timeline clip. You can add audio (sound effect) while previewing a scene.


1) Map the audio channel and set an In point at the position in which to place the audio.

2) Click [Toggle Voice Over Display] of the timeline.


3) Select a preset from the [Device Preset] list.

4) Adjust the volume of the source data with the [Volume] slider.

5) Select [Track] from the [Output] list.


Add the audio clip only to the bin.


Add the audio clip both to the A track specified in step 1) and to the bin.

6) Enter a file name, and click [...] to specify the save destination.

7) Click [Start].

8) Click [End].

9) Click [Yes].

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