Editing Workflow

Video editing workflow is as follows. Settings/operations for source import and export differ depending on the device or media you use.

1. Prepare for editing.

Prepare sources such as shot video, pictures, and background music, and check the structure of a work and the final output format.

2. Start up EDIUS.

Start up EDIUS. At the first start-up, specify a folder to save projects (edited video files).



3. Create a project.

When working with EDIUS, the largest work unit is the project file. Configure the project settings according to the final output format of your work and shooting format of video. A project file contains information including edit histories and video formats.

Creating a Project

4. Import sources.

Import movie files saved on your PC or video files recorded in a device such as camera to your PC.

Importing Sources

5. Edit video.

Place sources on the timeline along the time axis. Edit the sources by applying video effects, adding screen texts (titles) such as tickers, etc.

6. Export video.

Export the project in a format that suits the objective.


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