Editing Timelines

Configure TC Presets and Channel Maps → Sequence Settings or Project Settings

Configure TC presets and channel maps for each sequence. The default value for a new sequence can be changed in the project settings.

Sequence Settings

Changing the Project Setting (Detailed Settings)

Customize Editing Environment → User Settings

Customize various settings including the folder to save the project files, timeline settings, information displayed in preview, as well as buttons and windows. Keyboard shortcut and input controller settings can be imported and exported. These settings are recorded in the user profile in use, and changed settings are reflected instantly.

[User Settings]

Screen Customization

Registering Profiles

Editing Video Layouts

Edit the video layout using the layouter. The edited content can be saved as a preset in the layouter or registered as a user preset effect to the effect palette to export.

Video Layout


Editing Effects

Edit existing effects and register and export as a user preset effect to the effect palette.


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