Exporting to Disc

1) Click [Export] on the Recorder.

2) Click [Burn to disc].

3) Click the [Basic] tab, and set the disc type to export to, the format, and other items.



Select the type of disc to be exported to from the list.


Select the format to export.

To export in the same format as the original project settings, select the format with the indication [(No conversion)].

The formats that can be selected are as follows. The displayed formats differ depending on the project settings.

  • If [DVD] has been selected for [Disc]

    720x480 59.94i, 720x576 50i

  • If [Blu-ray] has been selected for [Disc]

    1920x1080 59.94i, 1920x1080 50i, 1920x1080 23.98p, 1440x1080 59.94i, 1440x1080 50i, 1280x720 59.94p, 1280x720 50p, 720x480 59.94i, 720x576 50i



When exporting to BD, select the codec.



Select [Use Menu] to create a disc with a menu screen.


  • If the project setting is the NTSC standard such as 59.94i, the export format for the PAL standard such as 50i cannot be selected. Likewise, if the project setting is the PAL standard, the export format for the NTSC standard cannot be selected.

4) Select each item in the other tabs and click [Create Disc] in the [Write] tab.

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