Registering LUT

Register LUT files (*.cube) to [Primary Color Correction].

1) Display the [Primary Color Correction] dialog box.

2) Click [LUT Settings] in [Color Space].

3) Click [Register new LUT].

4) Select a LUT file to register, and click [Open].

5) Click [OK].

[LUT Settings] Dialog Box


[Registered LUT]

Displays the list of registered LUT.


[Save the LUT infomation to project file.]

Check this item to save the information of the LUT file to the project file.

Even when the project file is imported in a different environment from that where the file was created, it can be used with the registered LUT.


[Move up]/[Move down]

Sorts LUT.

Selecting LUT from [Registered LUT] and clicking [Move up] or [Move down] move up or down the selected LUT.


[Register new LUT]

Click this item to display the [Open] dialog box that allows to register the LUT file.


[Remove LUT from list]

Unregisters a LUT selected in [Registered LUT].

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