Startup/ Project


Importing Sources

Managing Sources

Editing Operations





Interaction with GV STRATUS


Timeline Display

Marking the Time Scale

You can mark the time scale with the In and Out points for setting the range to apply operations in and sequence markers to serve as the reference for moving tracks, etc.


Rendering options

Display the required level of rendering for playing back the timeline in color by level.

Color Coding of Time Scale


Timeline cursor

Move the timeline cursor by dragging to the left or right.


In/Out points

Indicate the In and Out points of the timeline. The range to apply operations in can be restricted between In and Out points.

Setting the In and Out Points on the Timeline


Sequence marker

This is the mark to set on the timeline. An orange sequence marker becomes a chapter when exporting to DVD, etc. If you place the mouse cursor on the sequence marker, the timecode or comment on the sequence marker position is displayed (if it is set).

Setting Sequence Markers

Sequence Marker Types

Time Scale Settings

You can change the display unit for the time scale. The time scale can be displayed in the following units:


Time scale slider


Time Scale Settings

1) Click the list button at the time scale settings, and click the display unit.


Moving the Display Range

You can move the range currently displayed on the timeline window.

1) Right-drag with [Alt] on the keyboard held down.


Fitting to a Desired Range

You can specify a desired view range on the timeline and fit to this range.

1) Right-drag to enclose the range to fit to with [Shift] on the keyboard held down.

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