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Stereoscopic Adjustment

[Stereoscopic Adjuster]

Adjust drift between the video of the L and R sides of the stereoscopic clip.

Leave the drift only in the horizontal direction for the L side and R side videos. Adjust the video so that no drift exists in the vertical or rotation direction.

Before operation, read Notes on Stereoscopic Editing .

Notes on Stereoscopic Editing

1) In the folder view of the [Effect] palette, click the [VideoFilters] tree and display the filters.

2) Drag and drop [Stereoscopic Adjuster] to the clip on the timeline.


3) Display the [Information] palette, and double-click [Stereoscopic Adjuster].

4) Configure the settings and click [OK].

[Stereoscopic Adjuster]


Drift between left-eye and right-eye video is automatically adjusted. Select the item to be used as the reference for automatic adjustment from the list. When [Rectify] is selected, the center of [Rectify left] and [Rectify right] is set.

[Fit Frame]

The trimming position where the black frame disappears when video is adjusted is automatically set.


Placement of the left-eye and right-eye video in the horizontal direction is adjusted.

Click [Delete] on the keyboard to restore the default setting for the slider.

[Mask L]/[Mask R]

The left edge ([Mask L]) and right edge ([Mask R]) of the video is masked in black.

Click [Delete] on the keyboard to restore the default setting for the slider.

[Auto Trimming]

Check this item to automatically adjust the scale so that the black frame that appears when video is adjusted disappears. The [Trimming] and [Fit Frame] settings are disabled.


Adjust the video trimming position.

Click [Delete] on the keyboard to restore the default setting for the slider.

[Flip(Left eye)]/[Flip(Right eye)]

Checking [Horizontal] inverts the video around the horizontal axis. Checking [Vertical] inverts the video around the vertical axis.

Key frame timeline

Key frame can be set to adjust video along the time axis.

Key frame setting


Click this button to restore the default settings for all the parameters.

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