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Interaction with GV STRATUS


Layout Settings

You can adjust the title position as displayed on the screen from the title clip placed on the timeline.

1) Right-click the title clip, and click [Layouter].

2) Set the title layout, and click [OK].

[Layouter] Dialog Box


Layout preview

Displays the setting a preview


Horizontal guide, Vertical guide

Indicates the horizontal, vertical or center.


Title frame

Indicates the edge of the created title.


[Title Safe]

Check this item to display the title safe area.


Position fit

Fit the title frame to the center or to the corner of the area selected with [Basic Area].


[Basic Area]

Select the area to be fitted to with the fit position buttons from the list.


Position entry fields

Enter X, Y values to specify the position.


Horizontal fit

Fit the title to the horizontal center.


Vertical fit

Fit the title to the vertical center.



Check this item to display the overscan area.

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