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Importing Sources

Managing Sources

Editing Operations





Interaction with GV STRATUS


Bin Window

This window is used to manage clips imported with EDIUS.

You can switch the show/hide setting for the folder view. You can switch the display method such as thumbnail, detailed information, and other information for the clip view.

Management, display of the list, and search for captured clip are available.

Clip information (such as aspect ratio, frame rate, poster frame) can be checked or modified.

Managing Clips


Folder view

Structurize folders and organize clips in this area. Folders can be created and structurized from the [root] folder, and the entire folder in which the sources are stored on a PC can be registered to the bin.

Operations in the Folder View


Operation buttons

Perform operations in the bin window such as registering or copying sources and creating clips.


Clip view

Display clips in the folder as a list.

Operations in the Clip View


Metadata view

Display the clip metadata in a list.


Simple search bar

Press [F3] on the keyboard to display this bar. Clips in this folder can be searched.

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