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Interaction with GV STRATUS


Creating a Project Preset

1) Click [Settings] on the menu bar, and click [System Settings].

2) Click the [Application] tree, and click [Project Preset].

3) Click [New Preset].


  • Clicking the [Default Icon Folder] checkbox in the [Select Icon] dialog box does not uncheck the item while default icon folder is displayed. The display returns to the default icon folder display by clicking [...] and checking the item while a different folder is displayed.

4) Set each item and click [OK].

[Project Preset] Screen

[Presets List]

Display registered project presets and project templates in a list. The list can be resorted by dragging the icon.

Project templates cannot be resorted.


Display the setting details of the project preset or project template selected in [Presets List].

[Preset Wizard]

Start up the [Create Project Presets] wizard so that new project presets can be easily created.

Simple Creation of Project Presets

[New Preset]

Create new project presets.


Duplicate the selected project preset.


Change the settings of the selected project preset. Click this item to display the [Project Settings] dialog box (for creating new project presets).

[Project Settings] Dialog Box (for creating new project presets)


Delete the selected project preset or project template.

[Template File]

Set the default value when saving project templates.

[Save As Template] Dialog Box

[Template File Folder]

Set the destination to save the project template. Click [Browse], and specify a folder.

[Template Name]

Enter the name of the project template.

[Project Settings] Dialog Box (for creating new project presets)


Set the destination to save a project preset. To change the save destination, click [...], and specify a folder.


Enter the name of the project preset.

[Select Icon]

Displays the [Select Icon] dialog box to select the preset icons.

To use any image you like, click [...] in the [Select Icon] dialog box, and select a file.


Click this item to call up existing project presets.

Setting items other than the above are the same as those for the project presets (Detailed Settings).

[Project Settings] (Detailed Settings) Dialog Box

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