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Auto Save/Backup

If the auto save function is enabled, an auto save file is created at a specified interval.

A backup file is created when a project file is saved if the backup function is configured. This file is used as a backup when the project file is corrupted or the system failed during the editing operation.

To configure auto save/backup, use [Application] in [User Settings] → [Project file].

[Project file]

By default, an auto save/backup file is automatically saved, with a “Project name-Year, Month, Day-Hour, Minute, Second .ezp” file name, in the project folder where the corresponding project file is saved.


  • Copy (transfer) the auto save/back up file to the folder where the project file is originally saved and import the file, to recover the project from the auto save/back up file.

  • Auto save/back up files are in the attributes of read-only and cannot be overwritten. Change the attributes of the file from Windows Explorer in advance, or save as the different file.

    Restarting a Project (After Startup)

    Saving in Another Name

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